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FitBitch Running Club in Paris

If you want to revolutionize your running, our women’s only running club can get you there. Whatever ‘revolutionize’ means to you – whether that’s being able to run 5k without stopping, improving your pace at 10k or half marathon distance, or just having the support to help you go the distance at a marathon. Most of all, we help to motivate you and ensure you have fun while you run.

Our running club trains for specific events to help keep you focused. Proof that it works? Our first running group progressed from 5k distance to run the Paris 16k in September 2010 (although how much of that was the lure of a weekend away and a few cocktails, whose to know?!) in ten weeks. Some of the group would definitely have classed themselves as non runners before they took on the challenge.

Last November, we trained another group of fantastic women from 5k and 10k distance to 12miles cross country – (and through bogs!) to participate in the HellRunner.

Having a focus really does help to transform your running. But more than that, running in a group with likeminded women to support you makes it so much easier to get those running shoes on and get out the door.

If you want to join us, click on the About page for contact details or join the FitBitch Running Club group on Facebook.


2 responses to “Join the FitBitch Running Club

  1. Hi. I’m interested in joining your running group. Especially to do the pace sessions to improve speed. I’m doing the Brighton half and full marathons.

    Could you send me details of when/ where you run and cost to join? Thanks!


    • HI Emma
      It’s £5 per drop in. Next run is this Sunday. If you subscribe you’ll get all the info and details of when we release year long membership which will be coming soon. there is also a run next wednesday

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