Week Eight Sunday 22nd Jan run, 8.30am


  1. Run all the way up the trail running along d.dyke road. Continue over the road and follow as it winds it’s way up to Devil Dyke Car park.
  2. Take a left turn through the obvious gate on the left hand side. I’ll tie a ribbon on the gatepost.
  3. Just follow the obvious trail as it goes down the grassy hill. You can’t go wrong if you stay on the obvious straight path.
  4. After it winds down it will go through several gates until you eventually start climbing towards Truly Hill satellite mast.
  5. Once past the satellite mast you will run past a few houses on the right hand side.
  6. It winds down past a YHA before coming out on a tarmac road. You can run down this, or there’s a little soft grassy path to the right of the road running alongside it.
  7. Keep straight on this path and when it comes to the end, turn around. You know make your way back the way you came.


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