Pace runners

Even after hard pacing, we can all smile...just!

Congratulations to the all the FB runners who successfully completed a tough pace runnng session. It was four lots of 1mile runs at pace, with 1/2 mile recovery. Front runners did approximately four at 6.50pace.

But better than anyone’s pace running accomplishments tonight? News from Jenny Holmes that she ran her first Hove under 30mins last weekend. Just EIGHT weeks ago, Jenny had never run that distance without stopping.

Now, she not only runs it fast, she’s up to 11miles!! Brilliant!

Well done to all and welcome to Melissa Scott, our new running trainer who will be on hand now during long runs and the pace runs. A fitness trainer and accomplished marathon runner she’s a great addition to the FitBitch running Club.

Our next running club date is Sunday February 6th at 8.30am, route to come.


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