Great race pace run

Getting prepared, getting focused

Congratulations to the 15 FitBitches who ran all or part of Brighton’s Half Marathon route today. In very gusty conditions.
Many trainers say you don’t need to run the entire distance before a race but do it no later that two weeks before and we think it’s a good idea.
It helps you to focus on the race and prepare so you will be completely comfortable on the day itself.
A good race is never just about running fast, it’s about what and when you eat and drink beforehand right down to how you do your shoelaces up!
Get one thing wrong which makes you feel uncomfortable and it can really throw you. So today, what did you learn?
I learned that I definitely DO NOT want to run in a SKINS compression top. Having my arms bent at the elbow for over 90minutes made my fingers and hands swell up.
Share what you learned – it is only through making mistakes that you learn. And better to help the FitBitch community by preventing others doing the same.


7 responses to “Great race pace run

  1. Definitely need to level up on consumption of water for a few days beforehand. Glad I had breakfast. And I think I would benefit from something to eat or drink at the hour mark. Tho’ I’m not sure that’s for everyone.

  2. Karen Napleton

    If the weather’s as mild in 2 weeks time I need to change my long-sleeved base layer to a short sleeved one. And, again, I need to review my ‘holding the hair back’ gear – the hat was too hot for 9 degs! More water beforehand for me too.

  3. Sorry I missed it today!

    I saw that some runners have ended up with burning eyes from the wind – one of the many reasons I always run with my running dark glasses. They kept the sideways ice rain out of my eyes last year.

  4. I run faster (including race day!) and further (not on race day…) when I run with a group even if I am actually running on my own but can see everyone else ahead. It’s that extra element of support and competition.

  5. If your shoes are too tight after an hour of running, you can just stop and undo them a bit … I think this is my biggest ‘faff’ point and even if they seem comfortable to begin with, they may not after an hour but that’s ok. And if they really do start to hurt, focus on another part of your body for a bit and see if a bit of distraction helps! I don’t run with music, but I like to have a song in my head to sing to keep me going – today was ‘Don McLean American Pie’ – you need something with lyrics you know and a beat that kind of works with your pace!

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