Meet up: Brighton & Lisbon

Important half marathon preparation

Following Wednesday’s run at 8.30pm there will be a brief meet up to discuss last minute plans for Brighton Half Marathon. Those doing the Lisbon Half Marathon can then stay on for longer to discuss arrangements. This will be at my flat, five minutes from where we train.

Arrangements for what you ask? All those important, serious things when entering a race that attracts international atheletes. Like, ‘Where is the best place for custard tarts?’ ‘How many cocktails can we drink after the run?’ ‘Will it be hot enough to enjoy drink on a riverside terrace?’ ‘Will our legs be able to cope in high heels after running the Half?’

Clearly, vital things that must be discussed.

RAther than us all turning up on the night with a blank slate, please post your ideas for places to eat and drink and things to do via the comment button on this post. Include links so that others can get some ideas and then we can make some plans.

Remember, Lisbon is just 5 weeks away. Yeehah! Running in the sunshine.


7 responses to “Meet up: Brighton & Lisbon

  1. You know, those cakes may just be swaying me towards booking a flight…

  2. If we want to do the touristy thing on Saturday and go out in the crazy buggies and explore the city – maybe a good idea to collect our race packs on Friday afternoon / early evening? That way we don’t have to break up Saturday queuing for our stuff.

    I’ll be tweeting the reminders obviously – but please make sure you bring your registration confirmation in paper form with you to get your race pack!

  3. there’s this place as well which might be cool and my sister suggested:’s+Landmark+Santa+Justa+Elevator?destId=360356

    for after the race.. Pasteis de Belem (custard tarts)

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