Arrangements for Sunday 20th Half Marathon

Well done everyone for getting where you are now. You’ve trained hard and are all ready for Sunday’s race. Try and relax in the knowledge that you’ve already run the race and nailed it. Now you’ve got the support of the crowd to pull you through which really does work!

Obviously, you’re going to be nervous. Don’t beat yourself up about having butterflies (OK, so sometimes it can feel like a bee hive!) because EVERYONE feels the same from the experienced, right down to the first time runner.

I get butterflies but I don’t let it cripple me. I know as soon as I reach that mile point all those nerves are gone. Embrace them because they raise your heart rate, release adrenalin and help you start a race well.

All that remains to be said is see you on Sunday!

Meeting point & Time: 8.15am, Studio 57 massage tent
Usually this is by the arches nearby the baggage drop off point. When I spoke to them the other day they weren’t sure exactly where their tent will be this but it will be on the side of the arches on Madeira drive. They’ll have their flag up. We will be here doing on the spot stretches until 8.25am. Don’t be late!

Baggage: Make sure you drop off your baggage FIRST before you meet so you don’t have to worry about this and go to the loo. Don’t panic if there’s a queue – we’ll be at Studio 57 until 8.25am. (there’s toilets at Peter pan and Yellowave too).

Warm up
At 8.25am we’ll head down towards Peter Pan where I’ll have some kettlebells waiting for some warm up sets. JOKE!! no, we’ll head down that way for some running warm up drills.

Get into position
8.40am we will get into position at the start line. If you’re unsure where to stand ask.


It would be great if you could all wear your FitBitch t-shirts/hoodies either during or after the race to help spread the FB message. It’s fantastic turnout to have 15 of us running this year and hopefully there will be even more of us next year!
Paula, if you are coming down for the start it would be GREAT if you could bring your camera and take some shots of us!

Post Race meet up
While I’d love to hang out at the Finish line to cheer you all in (and actually some of you are fast enough to be cheering me in! You know who you are!) it’s a mare at the end. So please come to the Studio 57 tent again as I really want to congratulate you all! If you know you are NOT going to come back there and are heading home to take care of the kids please let me know. I will be waiting there forever otherwise!

Warm clothing
Lastly, get your clothing/baggage straight after the race. Whether it’s cold and wet or cold and dry, or even forbid warm and dry you can get really, really cold as your core body temperature drops. Wrap up first and then come and find me.

Hopefully, I will have my phone back by then in which case I’ll keep it on me but to be honest it is soooo noisy there don’t rely on being able to use it. And don’t run with an IPHONe in your back pocket. It dies! 07855 742195


4 responses to “Arrangements for Sunday 20th Half Marathon

  1. Good luck everyone. You’ll be great – it always amazes me how the crowd, both on and beside the course, is such a motivator.
    And don’t forget your lippy (!) I’ll be taking photos.

  2. embarrassingly, the only Buff I could find was army camouflage. yuck

  3. I don’t care how slow I am. I will do this!!! See you guys there 🙂

  4. Rachael where did you get your Buff? Snow + Rock usually have a good selection! Or Mountain Hardwear on Queens Road have similar type of thing and in plain colours last time I looked…

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