Wednesday 23rd Feb – Pace Run

Although some of you ran in the Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday, for some of us our target goal race is still four weeks away.
No rest for the wicked – or in deed for those who still want to work on their pace for future runs and build up strength (particularly on those hills at the BlueBell in April).
This week’s pace run will be 10 x 800metres. At this distance you use both anaerobic and aerobic systems. So it will help your body deal with lactic acid, as well as increase your body’s ability to transport oxygen to working muscles.
Don’t panic at the thought of it! We’ll all do it together and there will be people to run with according to your speed.
All those who paid for the Brighton Half package, this has now come to an end so the runs are £5 per drop in rate.
meeting place outside Marroccos. See you there!
Just another note on this! Don’t be terrified – it sounds awful but the run is for an hour so we will just aim to do as many as each of our individual fitness levels can cope with which may not be 10. It will make you a stronger runner.
If you are a complete beginner to running you can still drop in but I will change the running so it works as 10 intervals rather than 10 at pace.


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