New Runs, new runners

Before the race: posing

And they're off!

Last weekend, saw 15 members of the FitBitch Running Club successfully complete the Brighton Half Marathon. It was an amazing achievement for all.

For some, the run was about seeing their pace run training put into practise to achieve great PBs, for others it was about running in their first ever race.

If you’re reading this and thinking ‘Oh, I could never do a half marathon,’ think again. Just ten weeks ago, many of the FitBitch Brighton Half Marathon runners started training with us having only ever run 5k. Which just goes to show what can be accomplished with the desire, the training and the support of fellow FitBitches!

If you have been inspired by watching the run and would like to be part of FitBitch Running Club, subscribe to our blog so you are the first to hear about our exciting plans for 2011.

As well as monthly subscriptions and drop in rates, we will be announcing new packages where you can sign up for both a training plan and a package of runs that will get you ready for a particular race.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to do any of the runs below, or you have your own run or training plan. You can still drop in for the benefit of training advice and to make your training more fun.

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Here’s some of those we will be training for in 2011:

April 17th 10K Bluebell Trail Run, Sussex

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  1. the ballot for royal parks closes on the 2nd March

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