Lisbon Half Marathon, 20th March

From Paris to Portugal - the Fitbitches set to conquer Europe

Wow! Just under a week to go until the Lisbon Half Marathon.

Well done to everyone who has reached this point so far, particularly those such as Pip Henderson and Jenny Hards who started training over 16 weeks ago from 5k distance.

Sadly, there are a few injuries this time around but taking time out and listening to your body is important some times. Better to miss one run than miss an entire summer of glorious Downs running because you try to push through the pain (yes, kettle black. I hear you).

For everyone else, you’re ready. Well done! You will be nervous on the day but that is to be expected. All you can do is start practising now before you go on the aeroplane how you’re going to prepare that morning of the run. Then you’ll know exactly what to take with you.(trainers, of course, safety pins, clothing you can bin to keep you warm on start line, …er running socks. Yes, I did forget to take them to Paris-Versailles, September 2010).

The run starts at 10.30am, which means you need to have eaten by 8.30am and then have a little snack in your pocket for on the start line.

Only thing left to decide now? Should we have lunch on Friday when we arrive and a glass of rose and then get our race bibs?


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