Wednesday 16th March 7.30pm training

Strengthen your stride - boost your endoprhins!

This interval based running practise is for all levels and will involve some core exercises too. We won’t be running any distance as this session is more about building speed/strength in the legs so it doesn’t matter what level you are. You won’t be left behind!
What exactly will we be doing? Find out by coming along. We wont’ spell it out as it will vary for each individual but if you have a yoga mat of some kind bring it with you. No problem if you don’t. We can adjust.
If you are running Lisbon at the weekend, you can come along for a gentle short fartlek session as we will have two trainers running two different training sessions. We can always meet for a quick coffee in Marroccos’ after if anyone wants to discuss arrangements for the Lisbon Half Marathon trip.
Drop ins: £5. Meet at the Life guard hut near Hove Street South. Best place to park is King Alfred’s Car Park and if you come out on to the seafront from there you will see the lifeguard hut on the right if facing the sea.


One response to “Wednesday 16th March 7.30pm training

  1. Looks like a good workout, not easy to run on the beach.. If I was located in the U.K, I’d join


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