Brighton Marathon: be part of it

Fancy being part of the this year’s Brighton Marathon without the pain or having to run it?
FitBitch Running Club and Boot Camp has been announced as the official warm up team for this year’s Brighton Marathon, in association with the unique Riptide Gym (
We are looking for some of our running crew and boot campees t0 be in the crowd to help the 15,000 runners warm up.
I’ll be on stage with some of the Riptide crew and FitBitches but without a TV screen, not everyone will be able to see up to the front. You can see from the picture above taken at the start of the Lisbon Half how difficult it can be to see in a crowd. (don’t worry, you won’t be squashed like this!) That’s where you come in.
The routine is simple but needs some rehearsal although everyone, even those with two left feet, will be able to do it. Simply go into the crowd with your fellow FitBitches and do the warm up so that other’s can follow.
What will you get from it? the chance to be part of the exciting start of Brighton’s second ever marathon. It’s on April 10th and the warm up will run from 8.20am for 10minutes.
If anyone is up for helping us out, I would really appreciate it. First rehearsal is this Saturday 26th March at 8.30am. If you can’t make this one there are others. Just email if you’re interested or can make this session and I’ll tell you where. It will only take an hour.


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