Fancy a run in the sun? Half Marathon International Oct 16th

FitBitches in Lisbon

So far the FitBitch running club has taken part in two international races, the Paris-Versailles 16km in September 2010 and more recently the Lisbon Half Marathon in March 2011.
Now it’s time to set our sights on a new goal – and of course a new country or city to explore in our run.
Training for a run together with a group of people who are all going to be at that start line with you is a fantastic way of ensuring that you stick to your training plan. It has helped our runners develop from total beginners to half marathon runners in record time. But most of all it’s just a darn sight more fun when you get a mini break thrown in for good measure!
This autumn it’s time to head to Majorca for the Half Marathon on October 16th. Entry costs 31 Euros although let us know if you want to enter and we can arrange a group entry.
Flights to Majorca currently cost £106 with EasyJet including luggage, leaving Friday and returning either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. Whose in for a well organised race through the beautiful city of Palma?
It will be October and it will be sunny!
YOu can join us training for it by doing drop ins or keep subscribed for details of our package prices (training plan plus block of runs) or our new monthly subscription plans starting in May. Whether you are a total beginner or you’re looking for a PB there is plenty of time to get you on track.


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