Wednesday 13th April: more details

Become a better runner with running specific exercises

Welcome to all our new subscribers and we hope to welcome you to a training run soon. Like tonight maybe?!

This evening’s training run will start at 7.30pm and it is a great one for experienced and total beginners alike.

We will be focusing on technique and strength training. Specifically we will be looking at each runner’s biomechanics – in other words finding out where your muscles are firing correctly. And where they are not.

Why is this important? If your glute muscle (that’s your bottom!) for instance does not work correctly, then it can cause instability through the pelvis and cause your leg to effectively roll in wards with each stride. Result? A sore knee.

Don’t worry, you will get to run too but this will help equip you with the knowledge that will make you a better, stronger runner. And crucially one that will avoid injury.

Meeting at Mrs Bumbles teahouse. Bring yoga mat if you have one although I will have a ‘few’ spares.


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