Running and your biomechanics

Train your weaknesses

If you want to run, all you need do is put on your shoes and get out there, right? To a point that is true and don’t let that stop you doing just that if you are just starting out and wanting to just be able to run for ten minutes.

In reality though there is a lot more to it. Running requires the body to absorb continued impact forces and if your body’s biomechanics – the way your body moves – are faulty then it can affect your ability to run well and at worse lead to injury.

Unfortunately, there are very few people in the world with perfect biomechanics, which would mean that all your muscles fire perfectly when required and your posture is perfect. But if you are aware of where you have weaknesses, then you can learn to strengthen these areas and stretch the tight areas to help transform your running.

We focused on this aspect last week at run club and the most common issues that arose were weak glutes (bum muscles!) along with weak hamstrings and poor arm swing.

At run club we will repeat a biomechanics session every six weeks to assess each individual. If you were at last week’s training session you can tweet us @fbbootcamp for details about your specific issues. Lay the foundations and you will become a better runner and prevent injury.

Our next biomechanics session will be Wednesday 25th May.

And if you want to learn about the perfect running gait, this video is informative although ignore the equipment plug at the end!

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