Explore the Downs training run, Sunday 1st May

Beautiful Downs

So many people take up running with the aim of shaping up but say they don’t even enjoy it. More often than not this is because people are running on treadmills or doing the same old route with uninspiring surroundings so it is no wonder it gets dull.

The secret to transforming your enjoyment of running (well, other than getting fitter) is to explore new areas or see where you live in a new light.

In my travels, I’ve run through the Australian Outback with the sun just rising over the dusty orange plains of Coober Pedy, and had no one but fishermen for company as I traced my way along beaches in Goa at sun rise. Even Las Vegas was interesting if not a bit surreal as you run past mock Venetian landscapes and McDonalds, with party guys still drinking from the night before next to newly wed brides posing on Harley’s in front of the Hard Rock Cafe.

We don’t quite have that on our door step but we do have the Downs. So, for our first long run this summer season we’re heading out of the City.

Don’t worry about being left behind or the route being too long for you. There are various options:

1. Beginners – starting at Hove Park with all of us you will head up the same way with our run trainer, Katie to ensure you don’t get lost. Rather than turning right with the lead group you will continue with Katie up to the top of Devil’s Dyke Road along the trail path, and then turn to retrace your steps for a 3-4mile run at slow pace.

2. Intermediate – 5.5miles – instead of meeting at Hove Park be ready at 8.45am to leave from the first car park on Devil’s Dyke Road when the rest of the group pass. Just make sure we know you are doing this option.

3. Experienced – 8.4miles – a beautiful but slightly hilly run over the Downs that will loop around so there will only be a slight retracing of steps.

And at the end? Coffee of a spot of brekkie at HOve Park Cafe. What could be better?

FitBitch Running Club training run
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6 responses to “Explore the Downs training run, Sunday 1st May

  1. Hi Rachael,

    What day is the Downs run?


  2. hey Rach, I’d like to do it but will have to take it easy with my injuries, niggles and general feeling very unfit.. so will do the beginners run to get me back in the game 🙂 what time we meet at Hove Park? Steph x

  3. thanks!

  4. Hello,
    I think I have childcare for Sunday , what time at Hove Park and where in the park ?


  5. in my haste to blog the post, I have forgotten the fundamentals! meet by the mini roundabout, far end of Hove park at 8.30am. If meeting at dyke road, be there for 8.45am but make sure we know you’re meeting us there so we can watch outfor you. Any probs? call 07855742195. the run will take place whether it’s raining, windy, snowing or sunny. click the link in main blog above for the map.

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