Pace Run training: Weds 27th April, 7pm

Come and join us on Weds 27th April for a pace training session.
These sessions are great for the experienced and total beginners alike. They help to improve your speed by ensuring you run faster than you would do normally and the session will give you tips on how you can work on your pace by yourself.
But if you’re a total beginner and just running a few minutes is more of a concern than how fast you go this session will still work for you. Why? Because pace running involves running short distances with a recovery/rest period it works to help you build up your distance with a bit of a break which means you also don’t get left behind.
This training run will be taken by a new member of our FitBitch running club, Katie Boys. A highly experienced runner, Katie has run countless marathons including Brighton, New York and London. So, for any of you who have signed up for this year’s Brighton Marathon, she’s a wealth of knowledge.
Where to meet: Marine Drive, at the top of the bike path that winds up under the tunnel from Madeira Drive overlooking the Marina, almost opposite the French apartments. (You can park at BlackRock car park right by the bike path).
When: 7pm
Drop ins: £5. Details of monthly subscription to come. Session will last one hour.

Katie Boys


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