Building stronger runners

Starting out at Hove Park

WEll done to all the FitBitches who took part in our first training run of the summer season. There were a mixture of old and new faces and we ran a mixture of 3, 5 and 8.3miles between us all.
MOre important than the distance on this run was the fact that it was a steady, climb all the way up to the top of the Downs. Runs like this can leave you feeling like you’re really unfit. You’re not, it’s just the hill making it that little bit more challenging.
But throw in some runs like this and it makes you a much stronger runner than simply doing flat runs. Besides, there is never a more beautiful time to get up on the Downs.
One thing to remember though if you are an experienced runner, it doesn’t matter how far you have run in the past. If you haven’t run for a while you can’t just throw yourself back in to doing a long distance. Build up slowly and you will become a stronger, injury free runner!

Part of the route

The 8 milers stretching out


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