What better reason to learn to run?

Running? what running...on the way to Paris-Versailles 16k

Want to know the secret to learning to run further? Enter a race and give yourself a target.
It really is that simple. In the last eight months, our running club has seen women go from zero to half marathon distance in four months. All of these women accomplished their goals simply because they took the plunge.
It may seem scary, intimidating and totally out of your comfort zone but that’s why it is so effective.
Of course, at FitBitch Running Club we like to make our ‘targets’ a bit more enticing than just crossing a finish line.
Instead of just entering any old race, we go for those abroad. Somehow, the appeal of a run with a fantastic weekend away always does the trick!

All dreaming of the Lisbon custard tarts on the finish line

So far, we’ve been to Paris and Lisbon and this October, we’re heading to Palma in Majorca to take part in the half marathon.
Don’t panic if you’ve never even run 10k as we’ll be running a 16 week training programme for ALL levels, starting Sunday 26th June which will take you right up to the actual race day on 16th October.
We have two runs per week, Wednesday night, 7pm and Sunday 8.30am along with the rest of the running club. There will be a number of FitBitch trainers so you will get the support you need over a distance that is right for you.
That said, you will need to do your own runs outside of this time in accordance with your training plan, which will be included in our exclusive training package. But you don’t have to worry about running alone – follow us on Twitter and you’ll find some fellow runners.
The price is £60, including a training plan for 16 runs (either one a week or however you want to use them) or £100 for a 32 week option of two runs per week. All programmes will include a generalised training plan for either beginners, intermediate or advanced levels.
Don’t fancy a half marathon but like the idea of a weekend away with a shorter run? There is also an option to run 10k which starts on the same route as the half so you can be part of the overall event without having to put quite so much training in!
You will need to register individually for the race http://www.tui-marathon.com/_eng/anmeldung/anmeldung2_en.html
Also, please book your flights yourself and let us know via the comment box below which you choose.
The best options are with EasyJet leaving from LGW on Friday 14th October and returning either the afternoon on Monday 17th (£112) or first thing Tuesday 18th October (£108).
Personally, I’m for the Tuesday option. Come join the FitBitch crew and your running will be transformed.
Package pay options will be available soon on the main FitBitch Boot Camp website.


2 responses to “What better reason to learn to run?

  1. BrightonBel

    Tanya and Belinda booked on following flights:

    London Gatwick (North Terminal) to Majorca (Palma)
    Dep 14 October 2011 10:50
    Arr 14 October 2011 14:10
    Majorca (Palma) to London Gatwick (North Terminal)
    Dep 18 October 2011 09:40
    Arr 18 October 2011 11:05

  2. BrightonBel

    Have just registered for the half marathon! Note that there is a 6euro charge for the chip, and 3euros for credit card payments so the registration is 40euros for this race.

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