Runners without limits

The post run glow

This morning’s training run, of between 3 and 6 miles was a demonstration in just how varied our running club is. And proof that there is a space for you no matter what your fitness level, or running experience.
We had total newbies joining us for their first run so well done Keeley. Plus, Emma who is five months pregnant and had no problem keeping up the front (with the help of a Belly Bra – genius!).

Wild running

Plus, we have runners transitioning to wearing minimalist foot wear, believed to make you a more efficient runner with less injuries than traditional trainers. (subscribe to our blog for news of our special half day workshop on barefoot running- shhh, but we’re on the brink of getting a renowned barefoot runner to run a seminar).
All that aside, it was just a very lovely way to spend a Sunday morning.
NO matter what your level, fast and far, short and tortoise-like, barefoot or in trainers, everyone is welcome.

Sunny seafront run


2 responses to “Runners without limits

  1. That was a great run this morning!

  2. I had a brillinat time today – first run with the group -did 3.4 miles and will build on it!!! felt fab for the rest of the day

    Janet G Hove

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