Pyramid/Interval session. Wed 11th May

Join us this Wednesday along the seafront for a session in improving both pace and distance. Interval combined with pyramid training(an increase then decrease of distance over certain interval sets) enables a change in heart rate giving us a great calorie burner and trains us to run faster too!
It’s all about the intensity – so whether you are a complete beginner or a more advanced runner this form of training suits all. You may not be ready to run as if you have a hungry tiger hot on your heels but let’s face it, Brighton and Hove seafront is tiger free. Let’s get the heart, lungs and legs trained up for each individual goal – a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon or just to improve stamina and lose weight in a social running environment.
The session is held by trainer Katie Boys. Meeting on the promenade in front of King Alfred car park.
When: 7pm
Drop-in: £5 (free to full membership 4 week campers)


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