The Rewards of Goal Setting

FitBitches at the BlueBell 10k

Set yourself a goal and you’ll find your running mojo . It is as simple as that.

Entering any race no matter what your fitness level or experience is nerve-wracking but when you cross the finish line it is also the most amazing feeling.
It’s not that sense of achievement, and the not to be underestimated butt transformation that’s come with it. But the feeling of confidence that will affect much more than just your attitude toward exercise.
With the right support, training plans and companionship you can achieve anything you want, and more than you would think possible.
To help get you started here are a few runs for your diary. The first few are just for fun but the other runs the FitBitch Running Club will be training towards. For details of how to join and get training plans look on our About page for details.

Sunday 15th May

Join some of our FitBitches dressing up as superheroes to raise money for charity. What are our FBs going as? Kick Ass FitBitches of course!

Sunday 12th June
Pair up with a fellow FitBitch for this fantastic fun fitness and brain challenge. You have to navigate your way to different checkpoints using clues provided with some secret fitness assignations included. Run 10k in total.
Enter the code FBRC for a special FB discounted offer.

Sunday 26th June
Ever wanted to try running off road? This is a great chance to try out a beautiful 8k trail run around the park and woodlands of Stanmer Park. Not to be missed! Join the FB contingent training for this run.

Sunday 31st July
TAke your running to the next level with a beautiful 10k run in the countryside. Best thing? There’s cake at the end.


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