Running technique with Barefoot Ted

An event not to be missed

The FitBitch Running Club, are delighted to announce a seminar with the world-renowned barefoot runner, Barefoot Ted on Monday 23rd May at 6.30pm -8.30pm.
Made famous in Chris McDougall’s best seller, Born to Run, Barefoot Ted has spent the last seven years mastering barefoot long distance running. Why run barefoot, you may wonder?
According to many experts, traditional running trainers. with lots of cushioning and support could actually be doing more harm than good by weakening muscles and affecting the way the body would naturally move. Switch to barefoot running (or shoes such as Vibram Five Fingers, which add some protection) and you’ll avoid injury and become a stronger more efficient runner.
Whatever your thoughts on this (or indeed if you have only just started running and would like to stick to your trainers thank you very much!) this is a must-have seminar for all runners.
I attended a specialist primal lifestyle camp with Ted over two years ago and what I learned has helped make me a better and more efficient runner even though I do still run in trainers.
Find out from the man himself all about barefoot running, the amazing new discoveries it brings and how to get the best out of you and your body with this part seminar/part technique workshop.
The event is free on subscription to the running club site. Please also send us an email to confirm your place.
Please be aware, numbers are limited so book soon to avoid disappointment.


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