Biomechanics & technique session Weds 18th May, 7pm

Know your body, boost your running

Whether you are a total running newbie or a seasoned runner, understanding what your body is doing, and your strengths and weaknesses is crucial for helping you become a better, injury free runner. (In fact, newbies could even be at an advantage as you haven’t had time to build up bad habits!)
If you know that your glutes are not firing, you can work to strengthen and prevent ITB syndrome. Feel sick when you’re running long distance? The answer could be as simple as the fact you are looking down when running.
In this training session we will be analyse your running technique, looking at posture and biomechanics with the help of video where necessary. The rest of the session will focus on strength and stretching work designed to combat the issues that come up, as well as a few FitBitch devised tricks to help your running technique.
Drop ins £5, (monthly subscriptions available – see the About page. women only) .
Location: The patch of grass adjacent to Hove Street, next door to King Alfred’s Car Park.
Trainer: Rachael
Second trainer: Katie


2 responses to “Biomechanics & technique session Weds 18th May, 7pm

  1. Ahhh such a shame. I really wanted to participate int his session but won’t be back from meeting in time. Will there be another in the future?

  2. yes, every six to eight weeks

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