Sunday 22nd May Building strength

Join us on Sunday morning for a run up onto the downs. Beginners, intermediates or seasoned runners are all welcome on this 7 mile run which will take us from Hove seafront up through Hove Park and onto the Downs. Don’t let the thought of hills put you off. The scenery is beautiful all the way up and breathtaking from the top. Not only that, you’ll build strength in your legs which will make running along the seafront a doddle!
For those wanting a shorter run, a 3.5 mile alternative is possible by turning back as we head along the wooded track just north of Hove Park. You will still have achieved a hill run.
The front group will be led by Melissa Scott and will go the full distance. Katie Schan will be taking the shorter route.
Meet: Seafront behind King Alfred Leisure Centre
Start TIme: 8.30am
Lead runner: Melissa Scott
Back runner: Katie Schan
Drop in: £5

Route can be viewed at


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