Running technique: an evening with Barefoot Ted

Running bare with Barefoot TEd

We’re very exciting about our forthcoming workshop with barefoot ultra runner, Barefoot Ted on Monday 23rd at Nick Rivett Sport, on Church Road.
Due to unprecedented demand, the event is now full although thatdoesn’t mean you have to miss out completely.
After a talk by Barefoot Ted, we will be heading outside for a technique workshop at 19.15pm. Everyone is welcome to join us for this if you meet outside the shop at this time. If you miss us, head down to the seafront and we will be on the Lawns.
For those of you lucky to have received confirmation of your space, the full event runs 18.30pm-20.30pm. Please arrive on time and be prepared to do some running – barefoot of course (or in Vibrams if you have them).
After the workshop, you can head back to the shop (where you will be able to leave valuables) where you will be able to pick up an exclusive goodie bag with special offers.
This event has proved very popular and there are people on the waiting list. If you can no longer attend the event then please email us so we can let someone else take your space.
If you have been unable to make this event, do subscribe to our website as we have a series of one-off workshops running throughout the year, some of which will be open to both men and women.

FitBitch founder, Rachael Woolston


One response to “Running technique: an evening with Barefoot Ted

  1. Sharnie Radcliffe

    Hi Rachael
    I’m not 100% clear if I’ve secured a place for tonight. Can you let me know. Sharnie Radcliffe

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