Run to the Sun: FitBitch Run Club in Palma

Ready, steady...transform your running

Entering and training for a race requires commitment but at the end you’re left with a great sense of accomplishment. And hopefully toned thighs and a better looking butt!
That said, at FitBitch Running Club, we’ve come to the conclusion that all of this becomes even more enjoyable when training for a race overseas which means you get a weekend away thrown in!
So, come and join us in our next training group heading out to Palma in Majorca for the Half Marathon October 16th 2011.
Worried you’re not fit enough? As long as you are at a 5k mark or above, you will have enough time to train for a half marathon, but if that seems too much to take on there is also a 10k distance.
It doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner or a seasoned runner, we will have coaches to help look after you through the training process (if you’re not from Brighton scroll down to see how you can be involved with online support).
This is a fantastic way of taking the leap into training for a longer distance, with support and encouragement. You will need to train outside of our training times as per your plan, but with our dedicated Twitter running list there will be plenty of people you can meet up with if you don’t fancy running alone.

You can choose from the following package options:

15 Sunday runs plus a 16 week training plan and a free t-shirt = £72.50 (includes online Twitter support with training plan)
15 Sunday Runs without the training plan (no t-shirt) = £52.50

31 runs (Sunday and Wednesday) plus training plan and free t-shirt = £108.75 (includes online Twitter support with training plan)
31 runs without training plan (t-shirt) = £88.75
(The full 31 package includes workshop Wednesdays which cost between £10-£20 each).

None of these options include flights or accommodation, which will be organised once we have a better idea of numbers.

If you’re not from Brighton and would like to join us, we write specialist personalised training plans, costing £100 or buy one of our generalised (beginner, intermediate, advanced) Palma plans for £20 and get online Twitter support. Contact us for more information.

(**those taking camp between June 29th – October 12th email for price reduction on package as runs are currently free to campees on a full 16 week session format)


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