The Workshop Series

Workshop with renowned expert, Barefoot Ted

At FitBitch Running Club, we do more than just ‘running training’. From Yoga for Runners, to heart rate training and from sports nutrition to biomechanics, adding all these elements help to build a strong runner who will keep progressing – and without injury.
Previous workshops have included Yoga for Runners as well as an exclusive barefoot running workshop with renowned world expert, Barefoot Ted.
Our workshop series will take place on Wednesday nights at 7pm and are open to everyone, whether you have been to run club or a boot camp or not.

Our upcoming workshops are as follows:

8th June, 7-8pm – Heart Rate Training
Heart rate monitors are a great way of helping you to know if you are taking it too easy, or too hard when you train. Not only that but if you understand which zone to work in, you can then affect whether you burn energy from fat stores or glycogen in the muscles.
This outdoor workshop will take place on Hove seafront. You must bring your own heart rate monitor.
Where: Hove Seafront
Cost: £10

27th July, 7-8.30pm Yoga for Runners
Stretching is something that most runners neglect and yet, without flexibility and full range of movement your ability to move properly can seriously compromise your running technique. Not to mention end in injury.
This 90minute workshop will focus on postures aimed at improving flexibility in the legs and hips, as well as breathing techniques. It is for women only but we are running a Saturday workshop for both men and women in July. Email for details.
Where: to be confirmed
Cost: £15

14th September, 7-8.15pm The Runner’s Mind
Do you suffer from pre-race nerves? Have you just started running and want to enter a race but can’t think of yourself as a runner? Or are you already running and want to learn techniques that will help make the difference between running an ‘OK’ race and one where your mind stays focused on getting that PB? This 75min workshop will be taken by a leading expert in the field of running psychology TBC.
Where: TBC
Cost: £20

2nd November, 7-8.30pm Nutrition for Running
Knowing how much to eat, what and when can make the difference between running a fantastic race or having a nightmare. Or perhaps you are someone who has taken up running for weight loss and you are finding yourself putting on weight. This 90minute workshop will go through what you should be eating both in terms of aiding yoru training and helping your recovery. Speaker to be confirmed.
Where: TBC
Cost: £20

Where to pay? Visit FitBitch Boot Camp website and click on the paypal option.


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