Sunday 5th June – Hill Training, 8.30am

Don't be fooled - it's not this level!

A beautiful run for the start of a beautiful summer running season – we hope! This is part of our hill training, which should be added to any training regime if you want to develop as a runner.
Doing hills helps to build good running technique, as it requires you to lift you knees higher and use your arms to propel you forward. Not to mention activating more muscles in the hamstrings and bum (which can’t be bad for bikini season, right?)
On top of this, it helps to develop the cardiovascular system as it has to work harder on the hills.
All that aside, it’s also beautiful on the Downs and a lot more interesting than running on flat pavements or even the seafront (again!).
This is the perfect training run if you are undertaking Stanmer Park 8k trail run on 26th June, although there is a 4 mile option for those not up to this distance (never increase your mileage by more than 10% a week – or risk injury!)
Meet: First car park on Devil’s Dyke Road
When: 8.30am
Lead Runner: Rachael
Back up runner – 4miler: TBC
Drop in: £5

Route – click the link

Hill Training FitBitch
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