Workshop: Heart Rate Training Wednesday 8th June 7pm

Did you know that running at 60% of your maximum heart rate burns more fat stores than running fast? Run fast and your primarily use glycogen from the muscles (although overall, more calories are burned when running fast!)
Of course, aesthetic concerns is not the only reason why using a heart rate monitor as a runner can be invaluable.

For instance, it is tempting to assume that running at pace is the only way to improve. Wrong. It is vital to do recovery runs to allow your muscles to recover so your body can actually make gains. But running slow for some people is actually very hard. And how slow is slow? This is where knowing your recovery heart rate training zone comes in.

On the flip slide, always running slow at the same pace means you never get faster or stronger. But if you know which zone to work in to improve your speed,it becomes so much easier.

This 1hr workshop will help you to establish your three main training zones. Have this foundational understanding of training zones and it will help transform your running.

If you want to attend the workshop you MUST take your resting heart rate beforehand. This you do by finding your pulse and counting the beats per minute BEFORE you even get up from bed. Make a note of it and bring it on Wednesday.

You will need a heart rate monitor although if you don’t have one and would like to come along, let us know as we have a few spares to lend. If you want to buy a heart rate monitor, SweatShop’s cheapest version in Brighton is the Polar HRM for £50 and they offer a 10% discount to FB members. Alternatively, Amazon have some cheaper versions although only buy one with a heart rate strap. Sigma, Polar and Garmin are some of the best, most reliable brands.
If you have a heart rate monitor and think it’s good, share on the comment box.

Where? Grass adjacent to Hove Street South.
When: 7pm
Trainer: Rachael
Cost: £10 (WS are additional to camp fees if you are currently in camp). You MUST book this via the main site on Paypal.
Suitable for beginners and experienced alike.


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