Wednesday 15th June. Driving ourselves uphill. 7pm.

Do you want to become more powerful and gain strength at the same time? This session we are going to focus on developing better running qualities and using a bouncing technique as we drive ourselves up hill to improve muscle endurance and a higher tolerance of lactic acid. But when I say ‘drive’ I mean physically – cars to be parked at the bottom!
This session is suitable for all and if you are a complete newbie to running, hill walking is a good place to start.If you are a conditioned runner this session will benefit your running pace as well as your strength and for everyone it develops co-ordination, stabilisation and control which will prevent running related injuries.
We will be doing repetitions at our individual paces with a slow jog back down in between and good views of Brighton seafront from the top so you’ll be feeling on top of the world each time you conquer the hill!

Trainer: Katie (07702 983744)
Meeting: Madeira Drive, bottom of Dukes Mound which is by the Peter Pan playground.
£5 for drop-ins.


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