Palma Half Marathon training: Starts w/c June 27th

We say it often but it is worth saying again because it is so true. Enter a run and give yourself a training goal and it transforms your running. It needs to be something that you are a little bit scared of doing and which feels outside of your comfort zone. Why? Because it means you really do get down to training for it.

Our next FitBitch Running Club target (other than Stanmer Park’s 10K June 26th) is the on 16th.

As long as you can run 5-8K, you have enough time to train for this with us. You will have to follow a training plan that will involve 3-5 (depending on level) runs per week. But the beauty of it is, that there are a group training for this.

So, it means that if you can’t make all our Sunday training sessions with the club, there will be lots of other runners you can meet up with who will help ensure you get out the front door and do your training. it makes training much more fun, and you can share the trials and tribulations of it all as you progress.

If you can make the training runs on Sunday, we will also be exploring the Downs to make for some interesting new runs.

For those who are interested in entering and training with us, search this blog and you will find the price list. You can join us just on the training runs, or buy the runs plus a training plan. If you would like to do the latter please get in touch ASAP.

We will be writing three training plans, aimed at beginners, intermediate and advanced but all of these will be written once we know who would like the plans so we can make them as personalised as possible.

Training for the run starts the week commencing June 27th and we will be discussing it at this coming Wednesday’s training run.


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