Palma Half Marathon and 10k: Essential details

Do you want to sign up to join us training for the 10k or half marathon in Palma in October? If you have already made up your mind, this post includes ALL the information about where and how to register for the race (do it now!) as well as which flights we are booked on, and package prices. To pay, please email including your t-shirt size and colour preference, black or purple, if you are going for the full package.

If you are keen but anxious or worried about whether you can run 10k or a half marathon, come to training tomorrow night (details on this blog if you scan down two posts) and we can discuss to put your mind at rest.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain – you’ll get fitter, meet a great new bunch of women to run with and get a holiday in the sun. It’s a no brainer!

There are training packages available for all runners from beginner to advanced. A plan will give you focus (and it’s what we’ll be working from on our Sunday runs) and is a brilliant way to see your fitness improve as you train.

Distances increase slowly so you train to suit your level of fitness. Choose

15 runs (either Sunday or Weds) plus a 16 week (10week for 10k) training plan and a free t-shirt = £72.50
(inc online Twitter support with training plan)
15 Runs without the training plan (no t-shirt) = £52.50

31 runs (Sunday and Wednesday) plus training plan and free t-shirt = £108.75
(inc online Twitter support with training plan)
31 runs without training plan (t-shirt) = £88.75
(The full 31 package includes workshop Wednesdays which cost between £10-£20 each).

Training plan only (without Running Club runs) = £20.00

Flight Details that we have booked:

Out Friday 14th October DEP 1050 ARR 1410 Flight 8621
Back Tuesday 18th October DEP 0940 ARR 1105 Flight 8624

Cost £123.98 includes one piece of luggage in hold.

We are currently looking at hotel accommodation in Palma, so please let us know if you would like us to include you in our booking. You will not need to pay in advance for the room – only on departure.

Register for the Palma half marathon or 10k – you know you want to!


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