Palma Half Marathon: how are YOU training?

It’s week one of training for the half marathon. Some of you are following plans compiled by us, others are on your own plans. If you are one of those following your own plan for this race, or a different half marathon at the same time, and are planning to attend our runs then PLEASE SEND US A COPY OF YOUR TRAINING PLANS.
That way we can ensure the training runs we put on will encompass the distances that are needed and we can organise the correct number of trainers to accompany group runs so that there is someone leading different groups.
If you have not yet received a plan and want one, get in touch immediately.
On another note, those runners who are well conditioned and going for PBS, you may want to throw in a few hills at the END of your training (four to five weeks into your training) – Palma ends on a few hills!
Less conditioned runners, don’t worry we’ll have you strong with our Sunday runs.
Here’s the elevation, (thanks to Paula Knee)
show details Jun 29 (2 days ago)


One response to “Palma Half Marathon: how are YOU training?

  1. It’s little hilly in second half! But we can do it!

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