Learn to run with FB camps

From beginners to Lisbon Half Marathon runners

Running is a fantastic and affordable way of getting fit and staying in shape. But there is more to it than simply putting on a pair of trainers.
In this one week camp, you will learn new running techniques, and exercises that will make you stronger as a runner and prevent injury. Most importantly, you will experience the endorphin high that you may have heard other runners talk about but which may have always eluded you.
This camp is suitable for total beginners, those who can run up to 5k as well as those who are returning from injury after a long break.
It will be taught by founder of Rachael, who has run everything from 100ms to adventure races. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and so understands the importance of stretching to prevent injury and improve mobility.
Don’t worry about this camp involving lots of running and being left behind – most of the days we will be staying in one place as our focus is on improving your technique and boosting your confidence.
Our success with developing runners speaks for itself – from total beginners to half marathon runners in three months.
You may not want to run races but just run for enjoyment. This camp will get you there.
Price: £65
Location: Hove Lawns
Date: 8-12th August.
To book visit


One response to “Learn to run with FB camps

  1. Fiona England

    What time of the day is this ?
    ps… legs ache from yesterdays workout so thats good .

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