Running camp for intermediate & advanced: revolutionise your running

Get set, go! Sprint into action

Do you want to become a faster runner, or simply learn new techniques that will revolutionise your running technique?
We are running a one week camp, Mon 8th – Friday 12th August, 6am for intermediate and advanced runners who are looking to improve.
We will be looking at biomechanics and economy of movement, heart rate and lactate threshold training, as well as strength and flexibility for the all rounded, injury free runner.
To be on this course you should be able to run 10k comfortably and ideally it would be good if you have your own heart rate monitor although is is not essential.
It will equip you with new skills and also revitalise your running experience and enjoyment.
The camp will be taken by the founder of , a qualified trainer with specialisms in Speed and Strength for sport.
She has competed at 400m, cross country, half marathons and adventure racing.
Where: Brighton & Hove Seafront, 6am
Price: £65
To book visit


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