Wednesday 27th July. Hill repetitions to enhance strength and stamina.

Combine strength and stamina training by running up a hill, more than once! Hill running is perfect for improving lower body muscle recruitment and improving our cardiovascular systems. All in one hit.
This can help us shave minutes of our pb’s for all distances, if included in your training on a regular basis. It’s also an important part in training for an endurance run. Perfect for Palma runners or those out to become more conditioned.

It may sound daunting, the idea of going up the same hill over so many repetitions. So there will be different challenges to keep you motivated. You will be encouraged to work to overload by using what’s known as the Rate of Perceived Exertion. This will be explained during a dynamic warm up as the session starts.
The end of the session will include lower limb conditioning, especially the shins to help prevent shin splints. Be prepared to do your best impession of a chicken walking. This isn’t just to make us giggle after hill reps, honest!

Where: Bottom of Dukes Mound.                  By yellowave.

When: 7.30 pm

Trainer: Katie (07702 983744)

£5.00 drop in


One response to “Wednesday 27th July. Hill repetitions to enhance strength and stamina.

  1. Hi sorry this is a little late but I would like to attend tonight. Jodie

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