Yoga for Runner’s Morning Workshop, Thursday 11th August

Stretch for speed, for posture and for an injury free running experience


When it comes to running, the one aspect of running fitness that over 90% of us neglect, it’s stretching.

Why? Because people assume that improving cardio fitness and strength is all that is important. But flexibility is a vital part of running. If you are not flexible, your range of movement is seriously affected and being stiff also encourages injuries which can take you out of running for months on end.

So, join the founder of FitBitch Running Club, Rachael, a qualified yoga teacher in this special master class in yoga for runners.

This session is part of the new week long running camp but we are opening up this session only to non campees due to difficulty of getting studio space on Wednesday evenings when workshops are usually held.

It costs £15 and you must book in advance and pay via Prices & Bookings page at You do not have to be a yogi, or in deed to have ever done yoga, to benefit from this session.

We will focus on postures to improve flexibility in those areas which typically become tight in runners, piriformis, ITB, glutes, chest, hamstrings and thighs.

You will leave equipped with a capsule stretch routine that, if practised regularly, will help improve your running and help you prevent common injuries such as runner’s knee, plantar fasciatis, Achilles tendonitis and more.

All equipment, mats, blocks, bands will be provided.

Location: Natural Bodies, Bond Street

When: 6am or 7am. Places are strictly limited so book soon.



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