Cadence & Conditioning, Weds Augs10th, 7.30pm

Cadence & Conditioning

Join us this Wednesday for a session that will work on running cadence, or the number of times your foot hits the floor. The faster the cadence, the faster you can run.
Kenyan runners often look like they’re floating across the ground and at a cadence of greater than 100, they almost are.
But it’s not just that it makes you faster, but with less contact on the ground, the less chance of injury.
This session will work on conditioning to improve your cadence with a few stairs, with an extra added hill element for those who are conditioned runners.
Don’t be put off by the thought of this – it is suitable for everyone no matter what your level as we will adapt accordingly.
(**if you are suffering from Achilles or shin splints dont’ do this session).
Trainer: Rachael
Drop in: £5
Location: meet Peter pan playground, Madeira Drive
Bring yoga mats for stretching at the end
If you have ever watched an elite Kenyan run, you will see that they look like they float across the ground, and at a cadence greater than 100, they almost are. Their ground contact time is very low, which means they touch the ground, and get off the ground very quickly. The shorter your ground contact time, the less chance for injury.


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