Weds Aug 17th Foam Roller Workshop: Avoid injury, recover faster

If you know FitBitch Boot Camp or running club, then you will have heard us talking about foam rollers (in fact, you are probably fed up of hearing about them!). But this inexpensive piece of kit (costing around £15) are what I consider to be one of the most important pieces of kit to invest in.
Whether you are a beginner to exercise and running or an advanced runner, use this regularly and it can help you avoid Achilles problems, runners knee, shin splints and so much more.
Plus, there are numerous other ways you can use this, including ways to work your core which is also essential if you want to be come a better runner.
If you want to learn more about them and how to use a foam roller, we are holding a special workshop this Wednesday, 17th August, 7.30pm, details below.
Anyone is welcome even if you don’t come to the running club, but you must bring your own foam roller.
You can buy these from, or and if you mention FitBitch you will get a discount. You will need to buy the full length version.
Please book the workshop via the Prices and Booking Page at
Location: Hove Lawns
When: 7.30pm
Cost: £10
Trainer: TBC


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