Fitbitch running club is crossing hemispheres!

We’re planning a momentous run this Sunday, dashing from Western to Eastern hemispheres! Starting at the Marina we will follow the picturesque coastal path all the way to the Meridian monument in Peacehaven. The shorter route will head back to Brighton on reaching the Saltdean Lido.

Please let us know if you are planning on joining us, in order that we can provide the right amount of support during this holiday period. Simply leave a comment on this post.

Our goal is improving endurance so we’ll be running at a steady pace to achieve the distance. Why is our goal to achieve the distance? The further we run, the better our bodies adapt. Our heart, lungs and bones become stronger and our muscles develop the ability to store more fuel. The result? We are better equipped to run longer and stronger. Oh and don’t forget that metabolism boost for a post run calorie burn whilst you relax on Sunday afternoon!

You’ll be please to hear that following a couple of hilly runs, the route will be fairly flat. This is a there-and-back route which means there’s no need for orienteering and with fewer hills, you’ll be able to relax and chat with friends, whilst notching up those all important miles.

There are three distances to choose from:

9.5k with Sian

17.5k with Melissa

19k with Melissa

Meet: Asda Car Park – Brighton Marina
Time: 8.30am
Trainer: Melissa (07894 146016)
Back up runner: Sian
Drop in: £5 (or pre-pay monthly or annual subscriptions via fitbitch website)


3 responses to “Fitbitch running club is crossing hemispheres!

  1. Hi girls! Thought I was going to make it but I forgot I will be in Portsmouth since Saturday. Sad as it looks like a nice route; anyway, see you on Wednesday! 🙂 Claudia

  2. I’ll be coming!

  3. I’ll be there, short run for me please!

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