Change to this weekend’s training


Experience everything Brighton has to offer with this run taking in the elegance of the seafront’s Regency architecture, the beauty of the cliff path, as well as exploring a bit of the Downs.
For the 10.5km runners, this will primarily be a flat run with a few hills to help you build up your strength for Palma. The way back is flat all the way so you can practise building up your speed or split times (faster second half than first) or simply use it to enjoy the sea views of the Undercliff Path.
Those going longer, we’re taking an easier route than last Sunday. There will be some hills (how can you experience the beauty of the Downs without them?) but you’ll be rewarded with a nice flat finish. No sting in the tail this time!
Anyone who would like to come but wants to go a shorter distance, comment here and I’ll give you another place to meet so you can still do the run. PLEASE POST A COMMENT HERE OR ON FACEBOOK TO TELL US YOU ARE COMING ANY WAY!

Apologies for having to change the day but due to weddings, music festivals, birthdays and more our usual running coaches are not available for a Sunday morning start. To ensure you can still get your run in on Saturday, we will start earlier.

Half Marathon runners 21.5km meet Hove Lawns Cafe with Rachael 7.30am
Half Marathon runners 20km meet Brighton Pier 7.45am (we’ll pick you up going by)
10k runners (you’re going over distance this week) meet the TOP of Dukes Mound (look at a map!) at 7.50am with Katie and you’ll wait for Rachael’s group to pass before starting.


10 responses to “Change to this weekend’s training

  1. Hi – I’m planning to join this run (I need to do 8 miles so will do the 10k one and add on some extra miles alone)

  2. I’m in. I am doing 11 miles so I’ll probably just get a bus from the sea front at mile 11! x

  3. Or just start at a different place and we’ll scoop you up enroute. Perhaps Brighton pier…might work?

  4. Am planning to join, not sure what distance as only got up to 16k (hilly). But will prob join in at the pier and see how I go!

  5. Jenny, belinda is doing 14km which is around 8.5miles and starting at Brighton Pier and then doing the route with the 10kers so that wld probably work for you too

  6. I’m planning to meet you at the pier (and will have run there!) and aiming for 19-20km. So will stop somewhere near home on the sea front on the return leg

  7. I’ll be at the pier. Hopefully will do a bit better than last week!

  8. I’d like to do the 10km (or part of it!). So I meet Katie at 7.50am, yes?

  9. Sorry for the delay, I’m in for the short run please

  10. planning to join you at Pier. Trying for another 19k, but feeling bit run down now, might have to cut short

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