The Cream Tea Run, 10.5km – 16.5km

Come and join us for a long run this Sunday 18th, 8.30am to be rewarded with one of Rottingdean’s best cream teas at The Olde Cottage at the end.
Those training for the Palma Half Marathon, we’re decreasing the distance to 16.5km from previous weeks because this is a hilly run (which will more than make up for the decrease).
Besides, we have run two half marathon distances in the last two weeks and this is a good opportunity to consolidate our miles and for those who have fallen behind in their plans to be able to run with us in a group.
Those doing the 10kms, you’re going to go slightly over distance. That way, when you’re nearing the end of the Palma 10km you will still have plenty in the tank for the infamous FitBitch finish.
We will meet in the car park of Tesco’s in Rottingdean where you can park (Pay and Display, or find yourself a space in a local nearby street).
At the end of the long run, we will stretch down with yoga for runners in Rudyard Kipling’s garden in Rottingdean. And those who have the time (and don’t mind the calories!) we’ll have cream tea.
Long run: Rachael
10.5Km Route: Kate
Start time: 8.30am
Drop in: £5

Click here for the long route
And here for the 10.5km route


10 responses to “The Cream Tea Run, 10.5km – 16.5km

  1. I’ll be there. I can offer a lift from Kemp Town

  2. oooh really looking forward to this! I will be there and staying for cream tea 😀 Would be grateful of a lift if anyone is travelling from Hove seafront otherwise I’ll cycle so not to worry if not 🙂

  3. Hi Rachel, I am in too and need a lift from Hove seafront.

    Thanks Paola

  4. I’m at Grand Avenue so could meet you at St Aubyns if that’s ok? Thank you!!!

  5. I will be coming, can’t resist a cream tea!! Think I will be giving Tanya a lift so if anyone else is doing the longer route and needs a lift from Preston Park area then let me know.

  6. I will be coming for the run and a cream tea!

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