Building endurance, Sunday 25th September, 8.30am

Nothing but clouds, air and gossip!

After the stunning views of last week’s run, we can’t resist returning to the same patch of the Downs although don’t worry, the route is new for both those going short and long.

The 10km runners are going slightly longer again to help build that endurance and psychological preparedness for the 10km race in Palma. When the rest of the pack is falling by the wayside near the end, this extra push now will mean you will feel fantastically fresh still near the end of the race.

Those doing the half marathon, we’re saving our legs with a 19km run with hills. Our last FULL distance run will Sunday 4th October (we are looking about running from here to Lewes for breakfast at Bills, so keep it free). But with this run, expect beach views, a run along the River Ouse, and even a run past , county retreat of Virginia Woolf.

What more could you ask for in a Sunday run? Great views, great company to help keep you going and culture too!


Click here for the 10.9km shorter route

click here for the longer, 19km route


8 responses to “Building endurance, Sunday 25th September, 8.30am

  1. I’m in for the short route please x

  2. And I’ll take the high road. I’ll be driving in from Preston Park and happy to take up to 6 passengers if anybody wants a lift there and back. Thanks R, Karen x

  3. I’m in for the long route. I’m in Devon for the Bill’s run unfortunately!

  4. I would like to do the long run please – I need a lift and also someone who can run with me as well as give me a lift so others aren’t waiting for ages for me to finish. Does that make sense?

  5. Hi – I’m in for the short run – am in hove and can give people a lift – let me know. Janet

  6. Hi I will be there 🙂 Is the meeting place the same as last week – Tesco car park? Thanks!

  7. Yes, same place JOdie. See you at Tesco Car park

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