Living Social Deal, Monday 26th September

FitBitch Running Club bracelets

If any of you have not yet tried our running club, or you are part of the club and know of friends who have been thinking of trying it, now is your chance.
This coming Monday we are running a one off special monthly subscription deal on Living Social for new members only. So, watch out for it!
If you are reading this post having purchased the running deal with Living Social, you will need to book in with us before starting at and fill out a health questionnaire.
ON attending your first session, you will need to pay a £5 desposit for a FitBitch bracelet identifying your deal. This will be refunded on return of the bracelet at the end of your deal.
Don’t miss out – this is a great way of transforming your running in a supportive environment with expert coaches who have run every type of distance from 5ks to marathons, fun runs to adventure races.


One response to “Living Social Deal, Monday 26th September

  1. My maths must be worse than I thought, since I never knew 2 x 26 = 97. Still, as long as people think they’re getting a better deal than they are, eh?

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