Beginners to Improvers Running School, Booking now, Oct 3rd-7th

If you are new to running or feel stuck in a running rut, don’t miss our Running School Week, Monday October 3rd – Friday 7th October.
This school runs for 1hr, and is for beginners and those wanting to improve. Worried aobut getting left behind, being too slow, puffing away while everyone is bounding along? Don’t worry.
Session one, we spend indoors assessing the way your body moves, and pinpointing muscular weaknesses which could be affecting your running. We head out side for days two and three with some conditioning and technique work before heading to the indoor studio again on day four for a yoga for runners session. And day five? Well, that’s a surprise.
What can you expect to gain from the school? Confidence, lots of new tips to transform your running and more.
In one week, you can’t expect to go from 0kms to 10kms, but you will leave feeling confident you can achieve this and much more besides.
If these dates don’t work for you, do subscribe to our site as we will be releasing future dates plus our evening school soon.
Cost: £65
Where: Brighton & Hove
When: 6am or 7am.


2 responses to “Beginners to Improvers Running School, Booking now, Oct 3rd-7th

  1. Rachael, I would be up for this but only if it was in the evening. Is there any other demand for an evening one? Sam C.

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