Training: Conditioning for Runners Circuit, 5th Oct

Conditioning for runners

Whether you are a beginner to running or someone who runs regularly, the most common mistake many runners make is not to work on conditioning their body to run. This Wednesday’s training will focus on a circuit style conditioning class for runners.
‘But surely running is just about getting out there and running?’ I hear you say.
Conditioning means you are less prone to injury and you become a more efficient runner. Imagine your muscles like a ball – one that is pumped up will bounce quickly with little contact. A squidgy ball, hits the floor and can pretty much stay there.
This circuit class is suitable for both beginners and advanced.
Location: the lawns adjacent to Hove Street south (by King Alfred Centre)
When: Weds, 7.30-8.30pm
Who: RAchael
Drop in: £5


5 responses to “Training: Conditioning for Runners Circuit, 5th Oct

  1. Hi all- see you wednesday!

  2. Hope to make it on Weds night. Please could you bring my grey mat that I left on last day of bootcamp. Ta.

  3. Hello, I will be there!

  4. Karen russell

    Hi, I’ll be coming too.

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