Yoga for Runners, 6th October, 6am

Yoga for runners

Do you suffer from niggling injuries? Get back from a run and feel like you need a wheelchair? Or, are you relatively free from injury and want to keep it that way?
Then come to our specialist workshop that will focus on yoga postures that will help improve flexibility and range of movement in all the areas that get tight for women runners.
If you are one of those runners (and there are lots around like this) who don’t stretch, then this workshop is a must. Not only will it help prevent injury if you practise the postures regularly, but it will help improve your range of movement and your running performance and efficiency.
There are VERY limited spaces available so hurry and book if you wish to come. For Living Social subscribers, the workshop is included in your deal. Otherwise, it is £15 for the 1hour session.
You MUST BOOK BY CONTACTING even if it is included in your LS subscription. There are just five spaces available. And if you’re interested in more yoga for runners and sport, don’t miss our week’s camp starting October 24th. Email for details.
Location: Natural Bodies, Bond Street Brighton
Workshop leader: Rachael Woolston


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