Taper, Hills and Social, Sunday 9th October

The end goal! Cream Tea House

Whether you are just starting out and looking to build your distance, or you are part of the FitBitch Run Club heading to Palma next week for the 10k and Half Marathon, this Sunday’s run is for you.

For those doing the half marathon next week (or anyone else who wants to build their distance with a longer run) we will be doing 12.5kms. At this stage, NO ONE doing Palma should be going over this distance as we are in the taper phase of training. This is as important as the last 12-16 weeks of training. It allows your body and muscles to be in the perfect condition for race day.

10k runners and first timers to our Sunday runs (unless you are already conditioned to run long or the 10k lot want to go longer) join us in our shorter 6km run. It does have hills so it will add another dimension to your training.

Whichever route you decide upon please COMMENT HERE so we know to expect you. Please read on below for information about where each group will meet and time as they differ.

For all who are interested we will head to Rottingdean for a recovery cream tea (well, it’s protein and carbs right?!) after the run at The Trellis, Rottingdean High Street.
They serve savoury slightly less calorific stuff too!

Long Route
Meet: Tesco Car Park, Rottingdean (you’ll need 2hrs on parking meter to be on the safe side)
Time: 8.30am
Runner: Rachael or Kate
click here for the long route

Short Route
Meet: Outside Saltdean lido (you can park here)
Time: 9am
Runner: Rachael or Kate
Click here for the short route

Confused about where the meeting location is? Look at the route first, compare with street map or Google maps. Still can’t figure it out. OK, then you can phone!


18 responses to “Taper, Hills and Social, Sunday 9th October

  1. I will be there, will do the 12.5km route.

  2. Longer route please

  3. And I need a lift please. Thanks Paola

  4. I’ll be there for the short one – sounds fun! 🙂

  5. I will be there for the longer route – and if anyone could please give me a lift? I’m Dyke Road, Tivoli, Droveway area – thanks!

  6. I’ll be coming on the longer run please 🙂 Won’t be able to stay for cream tea this time unfortunately

  7. I can probably get a lift there so please could someone give me a lift home or drop me in town? – I’d like to stay for the cream tea please 🙂

  8. belinda, I can give you a lift home. Paola, come to my house for 8am.

  9. Hi, I will be there, would not mind giving the longer route a try, but would really love a lift, i am in the Hove area( Lansdowne place), Thank you!

    • I can pick you up but you need to get to the entrance to embassy court opposite the peace statue. Can pick you up from there at 8.05am. CAn you reply back so that I know whether yo9u want the lift and include your mobile

      • Thank you- just seen how this works and posted a new message by mistake.The lift is very much appreciated. Will see you at 8.05. My mobile is 07736300581

  10. Esther & I will be there. No cream teas for us unfortunately. xx

  11. Please note hte change of the short route and meet up details

  12. Hi, i will come and try the longer route. Sorry for late reply. Had achilles strain and wasn’t sure I should run.
    Unless I need to stop I stay for cream tea.

  13. Rach, a lift would be fantastic- thank you :). See you at 8.05 at the enterance to embasy court. My mobile is 07736300581.

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