To all those doing the SHORT route, there has been a change of route. Due to injury of various coaches, along with our fab Katie going off to do her second of three half marathons in a row (I know, mad!) there will only be one running coach tomorrow.
So, the short route runners will come with us but break off early. It will mean you will have to do some of the route as a group without a trainer but it is an easy route. You won’t get lost (unless you’re name is Sangeetha – sorry ‘in’ joke, she knows what I’m talking about).
It also means a change to the meeting place AND time. Please n ow meet on the corner of Longridge Avenue, Saltdean and the South Coast Road, as you can see on the attached route link. Be there and ready to go at 8.50am.
Those doing the long route will meet as planned at Rottingdean and we will pick those doing the short route up on route.
My number for any problems is 07855 742195.
See you tomorrow!

Click here for the route


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