Yoga for Runners School, Mon 24th-28th Oct, Natural Bodies Studio

Stretching, often forgotten but vital for runners

Do you run but never stretch? Or perhaps you spend a few minutes with one foot on the railings after a run before rushing off home or to work. Sound familiar? Then this one week, 1 hour per day camp is for you.

The week will focus on postures that specifically target the areas in the body that become tight from running such as the hips, thighs, hamstring, ankles and more.

Why is stretching important? Well, it helps prevent you feeling decrepit for one thing. But more importantly, tight muscles can lead to injury and impede your performance by affecting your range of movement.

Whether you are a recreational jogger, or someone who takes running more seriously, this camp is suitable. It would also be a great preparation if you are about to start training for the Brighton Half Marathon, Brighton Marathon and 10k.

It will be taken by Rachael Woolston, a trained yoga teacher who has been practising yoga for over 12 years. She also runs half marathons, adventure races, trail runs and is a former South East England Centre of Excellent basketball and netball player. (And can remember a time when she was the yoga dunce who couldn’t touch her toes).

This yoga is for everyone, no matter what your experience. It is a class aimed at achieving Fit-uality (flexibility as a cornerstone of fitness) rathar than spirtuality.

The camp will be restricted to 14 to ensure individual attention, in keeping with FitBitch principles. Choose from 6am or 7am. Location: Natural Bodies, Bond Street, Brighton. P
Price: £75, bookable via our prices and booking page


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